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Published on 18.10.2020

TAG | medical has extensive experience and reach in global PPE markets. The group’s offices and experienced sales teams are headquartered in Hong Kong with reprensentation in China, Germany, Nordics and the UK to ensure around the clock customer service and seamless communication with global clients. TAG supports brands build an international presence, creating lasting partnerships on a professional level.

TAG | medical’s strengths and core assets stem from decades of experience in manufacturing, product development, supply chain and qualifying products for international markets. We share this knowledge with our partner suppliers to service our customers, who in turn can trust and rely on us that these products are ‘fit for market’ in all aspects. This professional and detailed approach make our suppliers and customers long term our business partners. In addition, we support our partners on their sales strategies and activities by providing them access to up-to-date market data, and referring local government agencies, hospitals, MNCs and many more, when we receive enquiries for qualified supply.

TAG | medical holds the exclusive distribution rights of several PPE brands – become a TAG | medical partner today.

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